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no...not necessarily. it will be expensive if you
can't wait for A kit that you really want and have it
sent. sometimes that could amount to the shipping
charges being more than the kit itself. (in other
words, don't get just the FG Gundam alone.) but if you
are willing to wait for them to send EVERY thing over
on time in one big package, the savings is amazing.
and HLJ's S&H to the US is considerably less than S&H
to other countries. The Sazabi, for example, carries a
shipping bill of what? 50 bucks to Non-US addresses,
while 20 bucks to the US. it's not that bad. in other
words, buy in bulk. it saves a lot of cash. and when
you buy, put aside 20,25 bux for the shipping if you
are going to buy alot of stuff.
--- wrote:
> In a message dated 2/14/01 4:00:39 PM Central
> Standard Time,
> writes:
> > >nowhere is cheaper than HLJ. get alot of stuff.
> save
> > your cash.<
> Dosn't hobby link japan have expensive shipping to
> the US?

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