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err... too lazy to read... err... but... err... STOP IT WITH THE UC-AC HATE!
::sobs:: cant we all just get along? (eh... i know someone has got to already
said sumthin like that)
> all these UC elitist bullshit. enough already...
> i think i speak for wing fans here when i say: take
> that attitude and shove it where the sun don't shine.
> you really have a lot of balls to tell people what to
> like, and not express what they like, don't you?
> sheesh. you have that attitude among the gundam
> fandom that i fervently hope is in the minority. you
> may hate wing, and you're free to do so, but let
> others express their like for wing. this is, after
> all, a generic gundam mailing list (it's THE gundam
> mailing list for anything gundam, for that matter).
> for anyone to be this intolerant (and even
> condescending of people who like anything related to
> gundam wing at model kits), they must be
> lacking in maturity and taking gundam way too
> seriously. get a life, then you'll see how ridiculous
> all this UC-AC squabbling is.
> i personally like the mercurious and vayeatte designs,
> as well as the virgo, leo, maganac mechs. if bandai
> were to come out with master grades of those, i'd
> probably raise my eyebrow, wonder at their seemingly
> nonsensical marketing decision, wonder if they were
> smoking pot (like maybe they were for coming up with
> the zeong design) and probably buy the kits anyway
> anyway.
> as it is, i'm pretty disappointed that bandai didn't
> come out with 1/100 of mercurius and vayeatte. fie on
> me! fear and ridicule me for liking the mercurious
> and vayeatte! crucify me! burn me on the stake! stomp
> me! (sarcasm alert for the sarcasm impaired...)
> well, feel free to look down on me and people who have
> a liking for wing mechs. see if we care. the only
> thing we can say is that we pity you for your
> self-righteous UC attitude and that you're missing a
> lot.
> when wing zero pg was announced, a lot of us in the
> local groupie were quite disappointed and stumped by
> the decision. but we just shrugged and moved on with
> our own modelling projects -- let those who love wing
> zero custom enjoy the perfect grade.
> fed went ahead and bought one, assembled it and showed
> it to us, and we ooh-ed and aaah-ed over it anyway,
> just because it was really the wing zero pg -- and fed
> used to dislike gundam wing. i personally still hate
> that feathery sissy looking incarnation of a gundam
> (with oh so phallic buster rifles at that), but who am
> i to tell fed not to buy and enjoy his perfect grade
> wing zero?
> char hates gundam wing with a passion. we disagree a
> lot when we talk about wing in the local mailing
> lists. he thinks it's a UC rip-off, while me and
> richie think it's a brilliant repackaging of UC. but
> none of us think lowly of each other for liking or
> disliking wing.
> bottom line -- be more considerate of other fans in
> the gundam community. you may not like wing, but quit
> the elitist attitude and stop telling people what to
> like and what not to like.
> and, yes, now that fed has retrospect
> (remembering the local modelling contests here), the
> silent populace (don't know if it's majority or
> minority) of wing fans who are male and very good
> modellers are very much in existence.
> have a nice day.
> -garr the grouch
> ps. i take great exception to saying that master
> grades and perfect grades should remain exclusive to
> UC gundam (disregarding your oversight of perfect
> grade eva and master grade dunbine, for the moment).
> i'm still very much into sacrificing headless chickens
> to the god of the bottomless pit (i.e. my stomach) for
> a perfect grade strike valkyrie (hint hint hint for
> the benefit of any bandai
> informants/researchers/marketers/gerbils/etc lurking

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