Wed, 14 Feb 2001 22:35:49 EST

There are some of us on this list that dissapprove of Wing, but not all and
usually its not because of the mechs (i admit they do look alot nicer then
some of the ms's in UC (don't know about leo though...)) Its usually about
because of the storyline, somewhat invulnerabilty of the people, and bishi
like values of it.. As for that.. maybe they, like me, feel bad that some
wingers can give so much love to wing without seeing the first story.. i.e.
think about that ....

I want to be as nuetral as possible on this topic.. but its hard..


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> you really have a lot of balls to tell people what to
> like, and not express what they like, don't you?
> sheesh. you have that attitude among the gundam
> fandom that i fervently hope is in the minority. you
> may hate wing, and you're free to do so, but let
> others express their like for wing. this is, after
> all, a generic gundam mailing list (it's THE gundam
> mailing list for anything gundam, for that matter).
> for anyone to be this intolerant (and even
> condescending of people who like anything related to
> gundam wing at model kits), they must be
> lacking in maturity and taking gundam way too
> seriously. get a life, then you'll see how ridiculous
> all this UC-AC squabbling is.
> i personally like the mercurious and vayeatte designs,
> as well as the virgo, leo, maganac mechs. if bandai
> were to come out with master grades of those, i'd
> probably raise my eyebrow, wonder at their seemingly
> nonsensical marketing decision, wonder if they were
> smoking pot (like maybe they were for coming up with
> the zeong design) and probably buy the kits anyway
> anyway.

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