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> personally, all the other UC series could have done
> just as well here in the states. consider first
> Gundam, G Gundam, or Gundam X. Any could have done
> well here if they gave these series air time. i
> believe that there are better series than Wing, 08th
> MS team, 0080, Z, ZZ, to name a few. it's all about
> exposure. besides, people here are so caught up in
> quality animations that they see a flashy wing
> commercial and they went nuts. if the other series
> could do well, we'd see more of those PG's....

I don't think the US market is the primary consideration for PGs, the W0C
and D-Hell Custom are bestsellers even in Asia

no doubt the other Gundam series will be a hit in the US, just be patient,
we don't expect Bandai or Cartoon Network to show them all at the same time
or all in just over a year. remember it took 20 years to show them all in
Japan, patience my friend, patience =)

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