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> but if wing is popular in the US, what are the chances
> of a US fan see a PG W0C in a regular department
> store? It was released in Japan afterall. most of the
> fans here have not even heard of, so the only
> way they could get it is getting ripped off really
> badly in the process. if the PG W0C was intended to
> save the PG line, would it have not made more sense to
> release the thing here?

well, I don't think the Wing Zero Custom's huge popularity is limited to the
US. I agree with the statements of the other GMLers that GWing following is
not limited to kids and women, there is the "silent majority" which most are
probably modellers in the late teens and 20s to early 30s. they don't make
the websites but they do buy the kits. I think there are two possible
reasons why there isn't an official release of the PG W0C in the US. first
is that they want to satisfy their primary market frist which is the Asian
market, mainly Japan and Hong Kong, and on a broader scale, East Asia and
South East Asia. the other being that they thing although Wing is a huge
success in the US, there isn't enough serious modellers that would consider
getting the a PG

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