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but if wing is popular in the US, what are the chances
of a US fan see a PG W0C in a regular department
store? It was released in Japan afterall. most of the
fans here have not even heard of, so the only
way they could get it is getting ripped off really
badly in the process. if the PG W0C was intended to
save the PG line, would it have not made more sense to
release the thing here?
--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 13:40 02/14/2001 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >but considering the fact that they can only pump
> out
> >so many PG's at a time, don't you think that we'd
> have
> >more of a chance to see a fave design go PG'ed
> earlier
> >instead of having to wait?
> No, not really. Bandai *might* consult their
> fans on what they want
> on the PG list, but *I* certainly haven't heard of
> any such survey. Since
> PGs are a large chunk of money to invest in --
> designing all those mechanics
> can't be cheap, nor can the cost of producing that
> many components --
> eventually Bandai have to come out with a popular PG
> design that will rake
> in the cash.
> Wing, thanks to its exposure in the US, is
> as I understand it
> popular right now. Bandai's timing of the release of
> W0C is too fine to be
> anything other than an effort to ride the wave of
> the popularity in the US.
> If that helps the PG line stays afloat, I'm more
> than happy to see a W0C.
> After all, it's the Winger's cash that's helping the
> line stay afloat, not
> mine. =)
> A possibly nasty conclusion one can reach
> from the fact that Bandai
> had to ride on the popularity wave is that the PG
> line isn't doing very well
> prior to the W0C release. The Gundam, Zaku and Zeta
> are all old designs,
> approx. 20 - 25 years old, and are likely to be
> purchased by really old fans
> who can afford the hefty price tag.
> How many units were actually purchased is
> anyone's guess, but I
> think sales were lower than what Bandai expected --
> the PG really's too good
> for casual model builders, but a substantial
> investment for the
> not-so-casual builders, which makes it a no-where
> kit.
> All in all, if I have to bear with a couple
> of Wing PG -- which,
> since I don't intent to buy it, I ain't complaining
> -- so that I can have
> other PGs, it's fine by me.
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