Thomas Kohl (
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 00:10:28 +0100

hmmm considering the amout of Flame war ignition material that is in this
topic i will just say so much :
Go buy your PG whatever i dont care if it is wing or UC or even G-Gundam ( i
forgot the timeline of G-Gundam )
but please dont make it a wing vs UC Flame war , i think we've all head
enough of that !
i think most people just cant afford such an exorbitant expansive kit like
the PG W0C or The PG Zeta and i guess thats why i dont even think about PG
at all , i mean sure it is perfectly detailed and has light up gimmicks but
i am happy if i can fill my room with my favourite Mechdesigns and thus i
really hope for further improvement on the MG line for nice detailed 1/100
Kits ( wow just finished my Rx-79G , i am really impressed ! ) and the HGUS
line and for an additional line for MA & big MS like The-O or Nightingale,
Psyco Gundam or the NEO-GEO ( no not the console , its my fave design on big
MS ) maybe in 1/220 or 1/300 but still nicely crisp deatails&gimmicks

ok if you want a flame war please dont do it on the ML the NGs are already
full enough of this Wing vs UC crap !

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