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MG already has a great success. i don't think Wing
would have made much of a difference. if they don't do
PG Wing kits, they would have made other PG which
would mean more money for them anyway. our current
flood of MG have nothing to do with Wing's success. no
MG are wing's. They don't even come here in the
states, where wing showed, anyway.
look, all i'm saying is that wing is not the reason
gundam is more famous. that's true only in the states
because it was the first gundam exposure they had. If
Wing was the first gundam, it would not have the
popularity it does now, and this ML would not exist
--- Ghost <> wrote:
> "At 08:53 02/14/2001 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >but considering mature modellers nowaday are into
> UC
> >(at least from what i see...) it is alot better to
> >make PG line exclusive to UC. the MG line was, and
> i
> >hope it stays that way."
> I believe our current flood of great MG, and MSIA
> etc are due to the
> marketing and merchandising blitz of GW in america.
> If Bandai fully meets
> their quota of WZC PG, (which they have - my local
> shop keeper has sold 25
> of them so far. he said GW has been a finacial
> lifesaver, creating a new
> generation of anime customers). And if it translates
> into more MG kits like
> the Kampfer and GPO3s for the UC fans, then they can
> produce all AC
> merchandise they want.
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