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but considering the fact that they can only pump out
so many PG's at a time, don't you think that we'd have
more of a chance to see a fave design go PG'ed earlier
instead of having to wait?
--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 08:53 02/14/2001 -0800, Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >but considering mature modellers nowaday are into
> UC
> >(at least from what i see...) it is alot better to
> >make PG line exclusive to UC. the MG line was, and
> i
> >hope it stays that way.
> It won't be fair that way. No matter our
> opinions on AC, it's still
> part of Gundam. And since many of AC MSes are flashy
> affairs that attracts
> attention, using some of them as money-making
> devices so that UC modellers
> can get more, uhm.. less successful kits is a
> necessary evil that I'm
> willing to absorb. Of course, that's speculation on
> my part.
> Put it this way: let Bandai come out with
> all the MGs and PGs they
> want; you can afford *not* to buy any that you don't
> like. I certainly
> didn't buy every MG out that, simply because I
> didn't like some of the designs.
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