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Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:54:35 -0500

"Great place?" You got to be kidding me. that place rips you off big time! Check out other shops in China Town if you want reasonable prices on Gunpla. If you are looking for model supplies, thet only offer Tamiya acrylic paints and other Tamiya products. Look elsewhere if you are looking for good quality paints for reasonable prices.


>Just wanted to share a great place with cheap prices on Gunpla. They have
>everything you need from Models to paints to brushes etc. It's called Image
>Anime in New York. http:www.imageanime.com For those of you who find it hard
>to get the right colors and have them available, you'd appreciate this
>store. For those that live outside of NY, they mail-order and for those that
>live in NY, visit the store. I think I sound like a commercial but it's
>true. I've had a hard time getting my Gundpla stuff and finding this place
>made me feel at ease. Check it out.

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