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Wed, 14 Feb 2001 19:23:00 +0100

I was reading a manga of Gundam (it was in japanese) and I have noticed some
strange things. For example, when the Zacks (Zaku) touch or destroy some
steel's objects the sound produced is always something like "taku", "baku"
or "paku". When the Fed is shooting to some parachuted Doms (Domu) the sound
of the cannon's shootings is something like "Do-domu" or "To-tomu". To
finish, when, always with the Fed Mobile Suits shooting at the Zeon's MS, a
Zugock is hit the sound of its explosion is "Zugokku". What I am trying to
say is that all these assonances (sounds finishing in "aku" in case of
rumors done by Zaku, finishing in "domu/tomu" in the case of Dom and the
explosive "Zugokku" for Zugock) can really be a case (a thing not wanted) or
the author of the texts of this manga (it was a one volume Gundam story) has
wanted all of this to make his manga a particular one. This is what I am
wondering (I am thinking what would have happened if Gundam had been
destroyed; would it explode with "Gandamu" as characteristic sound of its


"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)

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