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> personally, all the other UC series could have done
> just as well here in the states. consider first
> Gundam, G Gundam, or Gundam X. Any could have done
> well here if they gave these series air time.

That - I'm not too sure of.

> believe that there are better series than Wing, 08th
> MS team, 0080, Z, ZZ, to name a few.

I don't think its about being "better". Even though that's a matter of
opinion - I think its choosing what's ideal for your audience at hand. In
1979 here in the Philippines - they chose to launch a little-known 1974 Toei
Giant Robot Cartoon known as Chodenji Machine Voltes V to launch a local
channel's anime campaign. It wasn't the best known or considered the
greatest available anime at that time (that honor would have gone to
Mazinger, Combattler, Gatchaman or Getta) - but it became the most famous.
Why? The soap opera elements of the series suited the audience more - and
thereby made it the most popular anime of all time here.

Wing covered all the bases for an ideal launch on American TV for Bandai.
You had more or less something that resembled the Gundam tradition in terms
of storytelling (which G or X can't claim) - which in turn gives it
familiarity for new fans to relate to older Gundam. Marketable for toys.
Good and not-so-dated animation. Tried and tested with other audiences
outside of Japan that has developed the next generation's fanbase.

I come from another country which never showed Gundam on TV before Gundam
Wing did. Wing has already proven itself here as a great launch vehicle -
which in turn gave the Philippines G Gundam and merch galore. Why risk it on
something like First, X or G which hadn't proven to win new audiences on the
biggest market in the world for Bandai?

 it's all about
> exposure.

Exposure didn't bode well for Esca, Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest, Harlock or
Saber Rider/Bismarck in the US of A - among other series.

Someone mentioned Hajukaden before as the Greatest Anime ever on Animage's
100 greatest anime of all time. It was released in the US in 1961 as Panda
and the Magic Serpent by Globe Pictures. It turned out to be a bomb - which
in turn prevented the risking of US companies to try and release Japanese
animated films for a long time. Among those are other classics like Horus:
Prince of the Sun and many of Miyazaki's films.

It's a good thing Gundam became cautious with regards to the American
Market. Though I never heard the full story as to why, I felt that
Bandai/Sunrise had the best interests of all those who worked on the project
concerned to preserve the integrity of the story in mind. They started out
slowly by gaining exposure there with small thrusts (like 0083, the 0079
movies and others) before going into it in a major fashion.


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