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>but considering mature modellers nowaday are into UC
>(at least from what i see...) it is alot better to
>make PG line exclusive to UC. the MG line was, and i
>hope it stays that way.

        It won't be fair that way. No matter our opinions on AC, it's still
part of Gundam. And since many of AC MSes are flashy affairs that attracts
attention, using some of them as money-making devices so that UC modellers
can get more, uhm.. less successful kits is a necessary evil that I'm
willing to absorb. Of course, that's speculation on my part.

        Put it this way: let Bandai come out with all the MGs and PGs they
want; you can afford *not* to buy any that you don't like. I certainly
didn't buy every MG out that, simply because I didn't like some of the designs.

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