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Wow I learned something today. Cool.

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> > > No, baka means stupid. I know a lotta Japanese disses.
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> > baka means "maybe" or "cow" in Filipino ^_^
> >From the Spanish "vaca" -- from which we also get "vaquero" (cowboy), which was
> corrupted to "buckaroo" in English.
> And, just for the record, the actual meaning of "baka" is:
> [1] a fool, simpleton, idiot or blockhead
> [2] folly, silliness, absurdity or stupidity
> In other words, it's a noun, not an adjective.
> This is the most popular Japanese swear word of all time, although it's lost
> much of its potency in Tokyo. Outside Tokyo, it still carries its pristine
> meaning, so be careful, especially in Osaka, where it really means "imbecile" or
> "mentally deficient" and can earn you a foot in the face.
> Derivatives include "baka-chin" and "baka-mono", both meaning "stupid guy" and
> turning "baka" into an adjective by context. Since the literal meaning is still
> used in Osaka, Osakans have adopted "aho" instead. This provincial expression
> has become popular among Tokyo high schoolers, who sometimes deliver it in a
> trendier form, as "ei eichi oh" ("A-H-O"). The Osakans have responded by
> beefing it up to "ahondara" (slow-witted imbecile).
> Other districts have chipped in with their own homegrown terms. In Nagoya, it's
> "tawakeru" (romping around). In Ashikaga, Tochigi, Oyama and Kanuma, it's
> "notarin" -- a combination of "noh" (brain) and "tarinai" (lacking) -- with
> pretty much the same nuance as "airhead" in English. In Tochigi, it's
> "ampontan" from the Chinese "han gon tan" (also known as "ahotan" or "idiot
> medicine") that purportedly cures depression or mental illness.
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