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>Other districts have chipped in with their own homegrown terms. In Nagoya,
>"tawakeru" (romping around). In Ashikaga, Tochigi, Oyama and Kanuma, it's
>"notarin" -- a combination of "noh" (brain) and "tarinai" (lacking) -- with
>pretty much the same nuance as "airhead" in English. In Tochigi, it's
>"ampontan" from the Chinese "han gon tan" (also known as "ahotan" or "idiot
>medicine") that purportedly cures depression or mental illness.

Just to clarify, "tawakeru" can be shortened to "tawake" which, though
related, is another insult (with the same meaning), typically used by older
people...I'm not sure of it's exact etymological origin, but it seems to
have originated in about the same area.

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