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> > No, baka means stupid. I know a lotta Japanese disses.
> baka means "maybe" or "cow" in Filipino ^_^

corrupted to "buckaroo" in English.

And, just for the record, the actual meaning of "baka" is:

[1] a fool, simpleton, idiot or blockhead

[2] folly, silliness, absurdity or stupidity

In other words, it's a noun, not an adjective.

This is the most popular Japanese swear word of all time, although it's lost
much of its potency in Tokyo. Outside Tokyo, it still carries its pristine
meaning, so be careful, especially in Osaka, where it really means "imbecile" or
"mentally deficient" and can earn you a foot in the face.

Derivatives include "baka-chin" and "baka-mono", both meaning "stupid guy" and
turning "baka" into an adjective by context. Since the literal meaning is still
used in Osaka, Osakans have adopted "aho" instead. This provincial expression
has become popular among Tokyo high schoolers, who sometimes deliver it in a
trendier form, as "ei eichi oh" ("A-H-O"). The Osakans have responded by
beefing it up to "ahondara" (slow-witted imbecile).

Other districts have chipped in with their own homegrown terms. In Nagoya, it's
"tawakeru" (romping around). In Ashikaga, Tochigi, Oyama and Kanuma, it's
"notarin" -- a combination of "noh" (brain) and "tarinai" (lacking) -- with
pretty much the same nuance as "airhead" in English. In Tochigi, it's
"ampontan" from the Chinese "han gon tan" (also known as "ahotan" or "idiot
medicine") that purportedly cures depression or mental illness.


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