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> The Sazabi from what I heard didn't do that well, neither did the FAZZ.
> Can't back this up - since I only heard it from some people.

well, maybe it did because a lot of people have one (like you and me Fed

> I got the last of the PG Wing Zero's locally Garr... it sold out within a
> week of touching down BEST. ^_^ Suffice to say Wing fans are a lot

I would love to get one, but maybe after a year
I'm not much into the Wing series but I love the mecha designs

> What do we expect from a Zaku? :)
> You forget - Gwing was released 1995 - 96 in Japan. That would make most
> teeners who watched the series then be 21 yrs. old now - the market for
> Add to that the growing disposable income of young people who are at that
> age due to the IT industry makes it feasable for them to get a PG kit.

I'm in the IT industry but I don't make enough to even get one MG every
month =(

I guess it's a country-to-country basis
> That's only local perception here in the Philippines and internet
> You forget that Wing also has male devotees as well who aren't as vocal
> the females. Besides, they did buy kits to try them out too... Too bad
> we don't have a serious support group to encourage modeling as a hobby
> the US is going to soon have.

well, WE could always start one =)

> With regards to the PG - well, Wing was the next big series to make
> Gundam fans out of people - so definitely sentimental value towards it
> high with the younger peeps.

not to mention they're one of the best selling kits around.

> Not really. The Zaku and the RX-78-2 are there for the older peeps. It'll
> only expand. Besides - can you name any single Gundam with a wider
> than First Gundam? It's Wing.

Zeta? heheheh, honestly I don't know. I'm just a sucker for Zeta designs
(the series I mean)

> I disagree. Wing has been Bandai's most successful mecha series in the
> decade discounting G Gundam. As I said - the audience of the series is
> for it. I think it was a solid move by Bandai.

not to mention Wing's good showing in terms of sales in North America. I
mean, which countries have people with the deepest pockets and a large anime
following? Japan, Hong Kong, USA. there are others but these three are the
first that come to mind.

> It'll be the EW like the PG Wing Zero Custom. Wouldn't match well with
> original and it'd make more sense for them to release one.

I have the metallic version, I love it

> As for choice? Hmm. Well, which Gundam did the HK group plate in metal
> independently from Japan? The Deathscythe. All things considered, I think
> the Deathscythe would be the best sell among all the other choices.

good point, of all the plated 1/100s it's the only one with that big LIMITED

> Besides an Okawara Epyon and Tallgeese 1 or 2 wouldn't make a good match
> beside a Katoki retconned Wing Zero. Neither would it be consistent too.

I guess most people are hoping for a Tallgeese 3 with parts for 2 and 1 like
the EW kit.

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