Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 23:24:20 -0800

>> aren't PG meant for the most hardcore modellers? the
>> sheer price of one is enough to deter serious
>> hobbyists like me (the price of a perfect grade is an
>> entire army's worth in warhammer, so...heheh, i have
>> my priorities :P). have we missed by a mile's margin
>> on the demographics of gundam wing fans?
>> it's generally held that an overwhelming majority of
>> wing fans are kids, or female anime fans who wouldn't
>> have gotten into gundam in the first place if not for
>> wing's bishieness, with little interests (much less
>> spending money) in scale modelling. doesn't that
>> narrow down the already small number of people who
>> would buy perfect grades?
>I htink that we only took into account demographics as compared to the local
>scene. Obviously, the demographics of people who can afford it in the
>states, combined with their actual population, apparently makes for a good
>idea on this case.

PG kits still aren't distributed by Bandai of America - they are
still only available as imports - and judging by how much
Wing fever has died down here, I doubt they are making another
PG from Wing/EW (if they are) with the US market in mind.


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