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> Well, I have the 1/60 11" DX God Gundam and its Core Fighter equvilent
> (can't recall the G Gundam term) works quite well. The toy is sturdy as
> hell, and the core fighter/backpack dealie fits together quite solidly.
> with the 11" GP-01 coming out, I'm going to have to get the DX Wing Gundam
> as well, so I can have a little gang of exceedingly large toys dominating
> shelf ....... rather than just one large toy dominating my shelf <grin>
> The Zaku figure with the ability to becoming a Zaku Tank is too damned
> ... as much as I like my Zeta MSiA, the ZakuII is still the best of the
> in terms of appearance, posability, and general style... wooooo ....
> and hordes of UC MSiA's ... can you tell I'm excited? =P
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Yep, the Zaku II sure is a good MSiA. I love the Gelgoog MSiA as well. It
has a left and right trigger finger hand, so I had mine into a pose with a
Beam Rifle in each hand! The Gelgoog is very cool and mean looking this way
>:) That Zaku II that can be turned into a Zaku tank is on my list of must
haves, so is the Gundam with G Armor. The Gundam NT1 Alex is one as well,
since it seems it has removable armor, according to the first pic, before
these better pics where post. I also want the neat MS Transport Plane that
is in scale with the MSiA's, as well as the Gallop mobile base thing. I need
some big toys for my shelf and both the 11 inch GP01 and GP02 will work
perfectly!! I think it's cool that there seems to be a normal GP01 MSiA and
a Deluxe MSiA GP01 with core fighter. It wasn't shown, but I am sure an MSiA
GP02 will be made as well. Now all we need is an MSiA GP03 Stamen and Orchis
Deluxe set!! :) Americans have room for it :) It should be a piece of cake,
remember the huge Aircraft Carrier for the 3 3/4 inch GI Joes? Since that
was made, an Orchis for a 4.5 inch figure should be easy. I'd hang it from
my ceiling! :)

It seems Wing was the prelude to a flood of UC stuff into the US. Hope they
get around to Zeta in 2002! I also must have the Big O, Escaflowne and
Outlaw Star collecter sets. The Escaflowne and Big O figures themselves look
to be poseable, as well as the Escaflowne can store its sword. The Outlaw
Stars arms also seem to be poseable. Hope it comes with a gun and axe for
its arms.

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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