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> curious question: how well did the pg wing zero do?
> in comparison to the other pg? in comparison to mg?
> did it outsell the sazabi and fazz?

The Sazabi from what I heard didn't do that well, neither did the FAZZ.
Can't back this up - since I only heard it from some people.

I got the last of the PG Wing Zero's locally Garr... it sold out within a
week of touching down BEST. ^_^ Suffice to say Wing fans are a lot locally.

> i suppose that's where the logic of releasing wing
> gundam perfect grades stumps me.

What do we expect from a Zaku? :)

> aren't PG meant for the most hardcore modellers? the
> sheer price of one is enough to deter serious
> hobbyists like me (the price of a perfect grade is an
> entire army's worth in warhammer, so...heheh, i have
> my priorities :P). have we missed by a mile's margin
> on the demographics of gundam wing fans?

You forget - Gwing was released 1995 - 96 in Japan. That would make most
teeners who watched the series then be 21 yrs. old now - the market for PGs.
Add to that the growing disposable income of young people who are at that
age due to the IT industry makes it feasable for them to get a PG kit.

> it's generally held that an overwhelming majority of
> wing fans are kids, or female anime fans who wouldn't
> have gotten into gundam in the first place if not for
> wing's bishieness, with little interests (much less
> spending money) in scale modelling.

That's only local perception here in the Philippines and internet presence.
You forget that Wing also has male devotees as well who aren't as vocal as
the females. Besides, they did buy kits to try them out too... Too bad that
we don't have a serious support group to encourage modeling as a hobby like
the US is going to soon have.

With regards to the PG - well, Wing was the next big series to make serious
Gundam fans out of people - so definitely sentimental value towards it rides
high with the younger peeps.

doesn't that
> narrow down the already small number of people who
> would buy perfect grades?

Not really. The Zaku and the RX-78-2 are there for the older peeps. It'll
only expand. Besides - can you name any single Gundam with a wider fanbase
than First Gundam? It's Wing.

> from a business point of view, perfect grades of wing
> gundams don't strike me as a good idea. master
> grades, maybe yes. pg, not really.

I disagree. Wing has been Bandai's most successful mecha series in the last
decade discounting G Gundam. As I said - the audience of the series is ripe
for it. I think it was a solid move by Bandai.

> that said...i was expecting the tallgeese or epyon for
> a perfect grade companion to the wing zero...not the
> deathscythe. yuck. i hope to the machine gods it's
> not the endless waltz version. a giant bat with
> sabaton feet from hell. ugh.

It'll be the EW like the PG Wing Zero Custom. Wouldn't match well with the
original and it'd make more sense for them to release one.

As for choice? Hmm. Well, which Gundam did the HK group plate in metal
independently from Japan? The Deathscythe. All things considered, I think
the Deathscythe would be the best sell among all the other choices.

Besides an Okawara Epyon and Tallgeese 1 or 2 wouldn't make a good match
beside a Katoki retconned Wing Zero. Neither would it be consistent too.


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