Richard Ramos (
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 13:03:15 +0800

> aren't PG meant for the most hardcore modellers? the
> sheer price of one is enough to deter serious
> hobbyists like me (the price of a perfect grade is an
> entire army's worth in warhammer, so...heheh, i have
> my priorities :P). have we missed by a mile's margin
> on the demographics of gundam wing fans?
> it's generally held that an overwhelming majority of
> wing fans are kids, or female anime fans who wouldn't
> have gotten into gundam in the first place if not for
> wing's bishieness, with little interests (much less
> spending money) in scale modelling. doesn't that
> narrow down the already small number of people who
> would buy perfect grades?

I htink that we only took into account demographics as compared to the local
scene. Obviously, the demographics of people who can afford it in the
states, combined with their actual population, apparently makes for a good
idea on this case.

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