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Wed, 14 Feb 2001 12:52:18 +0800

> Figures, you could make all the wing boys from the Zero's base frame. Wish
> it was a Gouf or some other 0079 classic mecha you could base from the
> frame... but Duo has his own loyal sets of fans. :)
> > Perfect companion for the Wing 0C, but do we really need another Wing
> series PG?
> I think so. Wing has by far the biggest fanbase among the current Gundam
> peeps. Hmm... convergence yet again on their marketing? With the DVD
> release, a new Sunrise art book out by March (with two alternate covers)
> plus some other products recently released this year - I think the
> Deathscythe's release is very likely to not be the subject of rumors.
> I have this feeling that Bandai is going to release all of them in PG
> Why just two when you can have five? Throw in the Tallgeese while they're
> it. :)
> Fed

It would actually be seven, if we include the Epyon. I think that it would
be a brilliant move on Bandai's part, but I also think that by the tie the
last GW PG kit rolls off the line, the interest for that series of PG kits
will be a bit low....

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