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> It sure is a good time to be a Gundam fan. Sure hope the Deluxe GP01 is
> stable, as it has a Core Fighter. I like the Core fight and it's a good
> addition, as long as it's a solid figure with the Core Fighter
> Transformation. I could be wrong, but the RX78 with the G Armor looks to
> have skirts like the MK. II MSiA. I like the red stripes along the edges
> the Dom's skirts and shoulders, it gives the Dom extra style points! :)

Well, I have the 1/60 11" DX God Gundam and its Core Fighter equvilent
(can't recall the G Gundam term) works quite well. The toy is sturdy as
hell, and the core fighter/backpack dealie fits together quite solidly. What
with the 11" GP-01 coming out, I'm going to have to get the DX Wing Gundam
as well, so I can have a little gang of exceedingly large toys dominating my
shelf ....... rather than just one large toy dominating my shelf <grin>
The Zaku figure with the ability to becoming a Zaku Tank is too damned cool
... as much as I like my Zeta MSiA, the ZakuII is still the best of the line
in terms of appearance, posability, and general style... wooooo .... hordes
and hordes of UC MSiA's ... can you tell I'm excited? =P

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