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The S-Gundam's always been one of my top 5 Gundams, but before they make
a PG version, they'll most likely make a MG one. It'll be nice if they
skipped the MG stage and went straight to the PG stage with all the
parts you mentioned.

I'm still surprised--and disappointed--they haven't announced plans to
make a PG ZZ. I'm one of the few who actually likes the ZZ the best of
all Gundams. It's kind of weird that they aretn't doing a PG ZZ since
they've done the title MS's for the first two series and didn't follow
the trend with the title MS of the 3rd series. Then again, they did
just come out with the MG ZZ just last year.


Zhao Pan wrote:
> i am betting on bandai will make a PG S-Gundam w/ extra parts for the
> S-Booster, Ex-S or even the Deepstriker. It will be at least 37 cm
> tall and carries a BIG gun! And best yet, it is transformable!
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