garrick lee (
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:04:36 -0800 (PST)

curious question: how well did the pg wing zero do?
in comparison to the other pg? in comparison to mg?
did it outsell the sazabi and fazz?

i suppose that's where the logic of releasing wing
gundam perfect grades stumps me.

aren't PG meant for the most hardcore modellers? the
sheer price of one is enough to deter serious
hobbyists like me (the price of a perfect grade is an
entire army's worth in warhammer, so...heheh, i have
my priorities :P). have we missed by a mile's margin
on the demographics of gundam wing fans?

it's generally held that an overwhelming majority of
wing fans are kids, or female anime fans who wouldn't
have gotten into gundam in the first place if not for
wing's bishieness, with little interests (much less
spending money) in scale modelling. doesn't that
narrow down the already small number of people who
would buy perfect grades?

from a business point of view, perfect grades of wing
gundams don't strike me as a good idea. master
grades, maybe yes. pg, not really.

that said...i was expecting the tallgeese or epyon for
a perfect grade companion to the wing zero...not the
deathscythe. yuck. i hope to the machine gods it's
not the endless waltz version. a giant bat with
sabaton feet from hell. ugh.


--- Federico Makabenta <> wrote:
> From: Sir Loin of Beef <>
> > I don't know if this has been discussed here yet,
> but the next PG is the
> > Deathscythe Gundam.
> Figures, you could make all the wing boys from the
> Zero's base frame. Wish
> it was a Gouf or some other 0079 classic mecha you
> could base from the Zaku
> frame... but Duo has his own loyal sets of fans. :)
> > Perfect companion for the Wing 0C, but do we
> really need another Wing
> series PG?
> I think so. Wing has by far the biggest fanbase
> among the current Gundam
> peeps. Hmm... convergence yet again on their
> marketing? With the DVD
> release, a new Sunrise art book out by March (with
> two alternate covers)
> plus some other products recently released this year
> - I think the
> Deathscythe's release is very likely to not be the
> subject of rumors.
> I have this feeling that Bandai is going to release
> all of them in PG form.
> Why just two when you can have five? Throw in the
> Tallgeese while they're at
> it. :)
> Fed
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