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Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:54:55 -0500

Personally I think the 1/100 Wing Zero Custom has an unusual long neck too, but it's designed so that the vulans pod on the shoulders can be opened.

I think an easier way to shorted the neck is to reposition the polycap by either pushing it further inside the head, or reshape the polycap.

For the 1/144 Sazabi, you can try the Kondo custom color scheme, you can check out the Mecha Domain for a pic.

For the Kampfer question, my suggestion is to spend 4000 yen for the MG, it's just too good to be true!


>I got some models that people said have some flaws, but I like the mecha
>so I bought em anyway. I have some questions on modification. in the HG
>08MST Zaku II, how do you shorten the neck? It says on Newtype asylum,
>but it's kinda hard to understand. Also, does anyone know how to make the
>bazooka racks on the 1/144 Kampfer hold the bazookas better. And yes, I
>painted it navy blue. Finally, on 1/144 Sazabi, can anyone give me
>suggestions for a color to cover up that nasty bubblegum pink? Thanks

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