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> Yup, and i can't wait to see the original gundam as I think it would rock

> seeing as how I loved wing. Can't we just drop this whole thing about
> vs UC?! Can't we all just get along?

I had a hard time watching Mobile Suit Gundam after starting with Wing
because the animation is admitedly showing its age. its over 20 years old!
but if you can get past that (patience required, it takes some getting used
to) you'd see how wonderful the story is.

as for this thread, my 96 Philippine Centavos worth..........

I think some people are just being childish about the issue of UC vs AC. I
for one admitedly liked Wing less after watching a lot of UC shows, but
that's no reason for bashing people who like AC. I mean, you can't expect
everyone to like everything you like. just let other people be. for those
UC fans who keep bashing the alternate universe fans, and the alternate
universe fans who bash the UC fans, I have two words for you, GROW UP! Garr
is right, it's just a cartoon.

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