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On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 23:50:03
>the whole thing smacks of spacenoid elitism. your
>first sentence is the ticker. ouch indeed. and as
>for the getting an education bit, richie said it
>already. it's not just about wingers needing to know
>about UC, but UC purists should realize they don't own
>the gundam franchise (unless they're bandai or

>i've been subscribed to the list for two++ years, and
>richie's been here probably for twice as long. the AC
>vs UC rift isn't ever going to heal. just surf the
>gml archives, any gundam websites, gundamshop,
>gundam.com, and you'll see the hopelessness of it all.
> the best you see is each side pretending the other
>doesn't exist. very little reasonable debate with
>substance. only seldom will you see discussions on
>"why UC is better" without any dissing and insulting
>wing fans and g gundam fans. discussions on why 'wing
>isn't as bad as UC purists make it out' are even


>you yourself admitted in the other email that you join
>the UC side in bashing wing a few times. how can you
>then turn around and start lecturing us about keeping
>the peace between all gundam fandoms? as someone who
>likes UC, wing and g gundam, i'm a little incredulous
>and annoyed (no offense, but you DO understand why) by
>what you said.

I was being honest. Anyway, I can accept that. As for keeping the peace and my involvement in it, I know it sounds hypocritical. I can accept that as well. Maybe you're right, maybe not. But there is little substance or benefit to the list in defending my actions, so it ends now.

>and to think gundam is just an animated show. you can
>begin to understand what is broken with the human
>society at large just by observing the gundam fandom
>at war with each other. whoopee.

Amen to that!

"Dete Unakereba, Yararenakatta no ni!"
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