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> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Nighting Gale wrote:
> > > http://www.toyboxdx.com/rumble_plus/021001-toyfair2001.html
> > Can't wait to get my hands on all those new goodies, although I can't help
> > wondering if the Japanese/Hong Kong versions will be better? assuming there
> > will be Japanese/Hong Kong versions...
> My reading is that these are US-designed toys, especially the battleship
> playsets and the Gundam Transformer. Wonder how Gundam will fit into the
> Transformer/Beast War universe ;)
> These will be reverse imported to Asia of course but I doubt they will
> have different versions for different regions.
> Funny no mention of MG, I'd think it's a surething...

And, as time goes one, we'll have to be careful of things being marketed as
Gundam that started life as something else entirely. Some of these will be
welcome -- such as the Robotech Destroids that were marketed as ExoSquad
Reinforcements some years ago -- while others will be problematic -- there are a
LOT of Giant Robots out there that could be rebranded as Gundams, and the recent
confusion between Wing and First Gundam models and toys everywhere from online
catalogs to eBay won't help matters.

I wouldn't worry to much about that "transformer" business -- these folks
probably don't distinguish between recombinant parts and genuine transformation.
The GP01 and GP01Fb are both Core Block System like the original RX-78, which
was reconfigurable in a number of ways as a result. Throw in the G-Armor
components and the RX-78 certainly looks like a transforming robot to the
uneducated eye. I'm not sure how they rope the GP02 into this, but I suspect
that the differences between the GP01 and GP02 toys are mostly cosmetic.

Merchants have a bad habit of rebranding toys. I remember some Monogram's
Go-Bot models that were actually a Legioss fighter (Leader-1) and a Blowsperior
ride armor (Cy-Kill) from Mospeada, Hasbro's Autobot "Jetfire" that was actually
a VF1S Super Valkyrie from Macross and, of course, Revell's Robotech Defenders
models, which included a dozen mecha from Dougram and at least nine from Orguss
in addition to the two dozen from Macross. (They even had a set of three
Skateboy hunter drones from the Crusher Joe movie, sold here as Robotech
Defender "Ice Rovers"!) Of these, only the Hasbro Autobot was changed in any
way from the original and that only by replacing the UN Spacy logo with an
Autobot logo.

I suspect that, once Bandai starts licensing the Gundam name, we'll see all
manner of interesting Gundam toys that have nothing whatever to do with any
Gundam series.


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