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Funny you should ask, as I just returned from Vancouver and I found a place
called "Gundam Workshop". I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There
were professionaly built and painted models in display cases taking up about
half the store, and the rest was shelf after shelf of gunpla. You name the
kit, he had it. MG Nu-Gundam you say - its there, MG Gouf - oh there it is,
MG type 100, oh I should have that in a couple weeks. The owner seemed very
impressed that I had travelled all the way from Victoria to find his shop,
let alone that I even knew it existed. He said he would be more than happy
to ship me anything I wanted from his store. He also included that he got
any new items about 5 days after they were released. There is a website in
the works www.gundamworkshop.com but for now I can give you the phone number
of the place. 604-232-9273 Im pretty sure his hours were regular 9-5 Pacific
7 days a week.

Hope this helps

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> Hey all, since I live in the Great White North(Canada), it's a bit of a
> to mail order models(border crossing stuff...really nasty).
> Anyway, are there any mail order places in Canada with decent prices?
> Thanks ^_^
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