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Tue, 13 Feb 2001 16:17:56 +0800

> the whole thing smacks of spacenoid elitism. your
> first sentence is the ticker. ouch indeed. and as
> for the getting an education bit, richie said it
> already. it's not just about wingers needing to know
> about UC, but UC purists should realize they don't own
> the gundam franchise (unless they're bandai or
> tomino).

I diverge from Garrick in this part, since I do realize that the UC universe
is a bit more realized and defintiely more extensive than Gundam Wing. But
then, the UC continuum seems to be a work in progress, while the Gundam Wing
timeline seems to be dormant for now. In that sense, one can say that in
terms of quantity the UC timeline owns more of the franchise, but the
counter argument there is that gundam Wing, along with G Gundam, started the
new boom in gundam merchandising, so I would have to give it credit on that
matter, as well as my personal view that GW actually updated the UC story
into a format that the newer generation could ride with. But that's a
personal view.

> i've been subscribed to the list for two++ years, and
> richie's been here probably for twice as long. the AC
> vs UC rift isn't ever going to heal. just surf the
> gml archives, any gundam websites, gundamshop,
>, and you'll see the hopelessness of it all.
> the best you see is each side pretending the other
> doesn't exist. very little reasonable debate with
> substance. only seldom will you see discussions on
> "why UC is better" without any dissing and insulting
> wing fans and g gundam fans. discussions on why 'wing
> isn't as bad as UC purists make it out' are even
> rarer.

I belong to the people who realize that whatever it is, it still is gundam.
After all, when all is said and done, it is still Tomino's vision and the
nice headspikes which make it gundam -- and if we are to look at the For The
Barrel, the headpsikes are gone from that equation as well!

> and to think gundam is just an animated show. you can
> begin to understand what is broken with the human
> society at large just by observing the gundam fandom
> at war with each other. whoopee.
> -garr

LOL! I have to admit that Tomino himself would probably get a large amount
of ironic satisfaction jsut by looking at how we go over this again and

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