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OK, let me explain my side in this whole "issue". First off, I just want to see good posts again and I'm wishing all this animosity between UC and Alternates at least see a ceasefire for a day or two. Second, I admit to not liking Wing. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I don't think there's anything wrong about liking it either (that goes for all of us). What I'm saying is that since I started being on this list, the bashing and flaming seems to be inevitable and probably, its something we have to learn to live with. This time however, its turned into an insulting list. This has got to stop. I remember the times when there were debates about this, but I never recalled blatant namecalling. Lets be civil. I don't like Wing, that much is true, but in all the debates I was ever involved here, I never resorted to insults. (Sorry, Garr's post just hit me the wrong way). Third, when I meant an 'education" I'm refering to Wing fans who haven't seen UC. There are quite a number of them here, and al
l I'm saying is that they could enjoy the list better if they knew more about UC Gundam rather than slug it out with UC purists.

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On Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:47:31 garrick lee wrote: > >> Much as I hate to admit it, Wing Fans have a right >> to be here (ouch). But the bashing (as I have >> observed it) is probably unavoidable, so to Wing >> fans, get an education on the old UC. It helps a lot >> and besides and it will help you understand just >> what the whole GUNDAM thing is really about. > >watch what you're saying, abet. some of us actually >like UC *and* alternate universe gundams. and not all >of us "wing fans" or those who like alternate gundams >go on mailing lists calling people dorks and fatasses >or or anime know-nothings. not all wing fans know >nothing at all about UC. > >i find there to be a lot of prepubescent childish UC >elitist brats among the UC fandom, too --> "ooo i >uSed to luv gudnam wInG, bUt nOw im a UC purIst, all >you stopid wingerz can suck of and di3". well, >congratulations. what the farking hell do they want, >a frigging standing ovation? a cheering squad? a >stamp on the wrist saying "good boy"??? sheesh. > >now...what was that about anime being a cut above the >rest, and how it's supposed to be intelligent viewing >for intelligent viewers? looking at the gundam fandom >makes a person wonder. > >-garr >woke up on the wrong side of bed again...@#$%^& > >__________________________________________________ >Do You Yahoo!? >Get personalized email addresses from Yahoo! Mail - only $35 >a year! http://personal.mail.yahoo.com/ > >- >Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at http://gundam.aeug.org/ >

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