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ToyBoxDX comes up with a HUGE scoop:
Deluxe Transforming Gundam: For more realistic and exciting play, this
11-inch Deluxe Transforming Gundam can transform into various modes and kids
can build the Mobile Suit's weapons and armor. Available in Gundam GP01Fb
and Gundam GP-02 designs. (May MSRP-$29.99)

Deluxe Original Mobile Suit Gundam Action Figures with Vehicle: These
4.5-inch action figures feature over 20 points of articulation and come with
action vehicles or various weapons. The action figures can be combined with
the vehicle or weapons to transform into various battle modes. Available in
the following characters: Gundam and G-Fighter; and Zaku and Mazera Attack
Tank. (April MSRP-$7.99)

Deluxe Original Mobile Suit Action Figures: These 4.5-inch action figures
feature over 20 points of articulation and come with various signature
character weapons. Available in the following characters: Gundam RX-78-NT-1,
RGM-79 GM & RB-77 Ball, MS-07 Gouf & Do-Dai YS, RX-79 (G) Gundam Ex8, Gundam
GP-01 Fullburnern [sic], Gundam GP-02, MS-14A Gelgoog, MAN-02 Zeong and
MS-18E Kempfer [sic]. (April MSRP-$5.99)

Transport Playsets: These playsets open up to reveal a unique enviroment and
include an exclusive 4.5 inch action figure. Available in Gunperry (Earth
Federation) and Gallop (Zeon). (Fall MSRP-$27.99)

Deluxe Battle Ship Playset: This highly detailed Battle Ship Playset is
designed in the shape of a space warship and comes with five 1-inch Mobile
Suits. Each set includes a battleship stand with the Zeon/Earth Federation
emblem. Available in the following battleships: Assault Carrier Albion,
Mobile Cruiser Peer Gynt and Mobile Cruiser Zanjibar. (Fall MSRP-$11.99)

Assault Troops Playsets: The military airplane playsets contain 5 1-inch
Mobile Suits. Each playset has a hatch that opens to fit the mobile suits
inside. Available in the following designs: Transporter Midea and Flying
Assault Carrier Gau. (Fall MSRP-$11.99)


Lots of stuff that's already been released in Japan, but this is loaded with
new stuff, boys and girls.
- Goddess only knows what the "Deluxe transforming gundam" is. In all my
travels I've never seen a DX scale, 1/60 GP-01 or GP-02. I don't get the
transforming bit at all though... neither of those MS's transforrm... but
... can you imagine? An 11" GP-02? It's going to be HUGE!
- The deluxe 4.5 figures are ... hmmm ... i'm not sure. It sounds like the
MSiA's, but I don't get the "combining" aspect.
- The MSiA list has a few surprises ... lots we already have ... but some
new stuff ... MSiA NT-1, RX-79, Ez8, GP-01, GP02, and a Kampfer! w00t w00t
w00t w00t w00t. I am a happy camper. At 5.99$cdn a pop? Oooooooooh man =)
It's a good time to be a fan.
- Transport playsets - this is definately new
- assault troop playsets - also new

Looks like Bandai is going all out ... split evenly between the already
released stuff and a whole crapload of new stuff.... i'm drooling over the
concept of $5.99 MSiA's ... ooooooohh. I'm way too excited =)

Even better, Alan from TBDX will be getting a behind the scenes look of
Bandai's display tomorrow, so there should be even more info!

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