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*snip stuff by me about the HG tv series*

> How can the North be the "bad guys"? It was the Southern Republic that formed
> the Allied Southern Territories after conquering it's neighbors, therefore,
> the real enemy should be the Southern Republic. Oh well. At least an American
> made mecha show is coming to TV. The last one I can remember other than
> Transformers was the Battletech animated series. By the way, does anybody
> know anything else about the upcoming series?

Lately the themes within the HG continuity have been that both the North and the
South are just different shades of gray. The South is a dictatorship in which
citizens are allowed a number of freedoms as long as none of those freedoms are
political. They also released a nasty bio weapon against one of their own member
nations (and I won't even get into the situation in the Mekong Dominion or the
Eastern Suns Emirates). The North is notorious for its attitudes toward people
who aren't members of the Revisionist Church. The death of Thor Hutchison,
leader of the Revisionist Church in the North, pretty much started off a holy
war, after all (Hutchison gets a bad rap, imho. I think his biggest problem was
not keeping a close enough eye on his subordinates. Ironically, it was something
one of his subordinates did, and that he chastised said subordinate for, that led
to his assassination.), and there is a continual struggle between those who think
the government should be under the sway of the church, and those who think the
government should be independent (which includes some devout members). The
Southern aggression that led to the formation of the two leagues is hundreds of
years in the past by this point, and given some of the attitudes people in the
real world seem to have toward organized religion, its not much of a surprise to
me, personally, that the Northerners would be the bogeymen in a new story.
The only question is whether the Revisionist religion will make it into the show,
and in what form it will appear.
Honestly, though, a series about the dueling circuit sounds somewhat less than
exciting, but I suppose it fits better with the episodic format that most
American shows are written in. I think I would have preferred to see something
about a Black Talon unit (similar to Heavy Gear 2) conducting raids on Caprice,
but no such luck.

As far as information about the show goes, you can visit Dream Pod 9's website

and you can also take a look at the back of the NEW (not the old one) Duelists'
Handbook, which has write-ups of the characters on the two dueling teams.


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