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Tue, 13 Feb 2001 03:40:05 +0800

> watch what you're saying, abet. some of us actually
> like UC *and* alternate universe gundams. and not all
> of us "wing fans" or those who like alternate gundams
> go on mailing lists calling people dorks and fatasses
> or or anime know-nothings. not all wing fans know
> nothing at all about UC.


> i find there to be a lot of prepubescent childish UC
> elitist brats among the UC fandom, too --> "ooo i
> uSed to luv gudnam wInG, bUt nOw im a UC purIst, all
> you stopid wingerz can suck of and di3". well,
> congratulations. what the farking hell do they want,
> a frigging standing ovation? a cheering squad? a
> stamp on the wrist saying "good boy"??? sheesh.
> now...what was that about anime being a cut above the
> rest, and how it's supposed to be intelligent viewing
> for intelligent viewers? looking at the gundam fandom
> makes a person wonder.
> -garr
> woke up on the wrong side of bed again...@#$%^&

It's actually one of the rare times that Garrick and I agree. So that
should be an eye-opener to you guys.

The issue of gundam Wing versus UC is all really about preference and which
one one watched first. In the end, arguing in this manner does nothing,
because bandai will release gundam as they see fit.

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