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Point of order, sir. The gundam Mailing List is for ALL of Gundam. How
dare you stake your claim for a particular series in this way? You only
make other people who haven't watched your favorite series hate your
preference all the more! It's the perfect way to remain elitist. and THAT
is something we do not need in gundam.

I started out in MSG, and then moved on to liking all the Alternate timeline
gundams -- and I appreciated all of them on their individual merits. So,
yes, you can call me a gundam wing fanboy -- but then, I love gundam in

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> > ano...I thought that we were going to drop this...can we please go on to
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> > .....please?
> I like this topic. and I like hereing gundam wing boys flagrant attempt to
> make himself feel big. I SAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE MSG GET OF THE LIST!
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