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> Much as I hate to admit it, Wing Fans have a right to be here (ouch). But
the bashing (as I have observed it) is probably unavoidable, so to Wing
fans, get an education on the old UC. It helps a lot and besides and it will
help you understand just what the whole GUNDAM thing is really about.
> ---
> Abet

I beg to disagree on that, Abet. I htink both sides need to get educated on
this one. Gundam Wing may be annoyingly bishounen and all that, but once
you see the genius of how it was made, how it combined so many genres almost
seamlessly, then you get some respect for it. If you can also follow the
almost gothic/byzantine storyline, it actually is good. the only thing that
seems to get so many people are the pilots. Well, that idea be damned. I
can say a lot of annoying things about MSG gundam too, but it wouldn't be
useful, since there is quite a lot to admire in UC also --specially since I
am basically a UC fan.

SO the idea here is that both sides have to see the other, as in really
study, before one can even think about bashing or criticizing.

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