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>> watch what you're saying, abet. some of us actually
> like UC *and* alternate universe gundams. and not all
> of us "wing fans" or those who like alternate gundams
> go on mailing lists calling people dorks and fatasses
> or or anime know-nothings. not all wing fans know
> nothing at all about UC.

will you people never forget the terma anime know nothings? (and by the way,
I said it as a UC fan against Alternate Universe, and not tother' way round.

> >i find there to be a lot of prepubescent childish UC
> elitist brats among the UC fandom, too --> "ooo i
> uSed to luv gudnam wInG, bUt nOw im a UC purIst, all
> you stopid wingerz can suck of and di3". well,
> congratulations. what the farking hell do they want,
> a frigging standing ovation? a cheering squad? a
> stamp on the wrist saying "good boy"??? sheesh.
> now...what was that about anime being a cut above the
> rest, and how it's supposed to be intelligent viewing
> for intelligent viewers? looking at the gundam fandom
> makes a person wonder.

I'm sorry, you can't speak badly about other peoples intellegence when you
use words like "farking"


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