Mon, 12 Feb 2001 20:11:11 EST

> Actually, models based on the upcoming show based on the DP9 game.
> =P
> In brief, its supposed to be about a Southern dueling team (the good
> guys) that regularly goes up against their Northern opponents (the bad
> guys) in arena matches on the dueling circuit. I think the most recent
> release of the Dueler's Handbook for Heavy Gear had some info on the main
> characters in the series, and sad to say it, some of the Northerners look
> like they're going to be caricatured villians.
> *grumble*
> Actually, what I'm really curious about is if religion will work its way
> into it. Anyone familiar with the setting knows how important religion
> is to the North, and I don't recall if any of the characters had
> religious beliefs in their write-ups.
> We'll see how it works out.

How can the North be the "bad guys"? It was the Southern Republic that formed
the Allied Southern Territories after conquering it's neighbors, therefore,
the real enemy should be the Southern Republic. Oh well. At least an American
made mecha show is coming to TV. The last one I can remember other than
Transformers was the Battletech animated series. By the way, does anybody
know anything else about the upcoming series?

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