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>I like this topic. and I like hereing gundam wing boys flagrant attempt to
>make himself feel big. I SAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE MSG GET OF THE LIST!

        Discussion of Gundam Wing -- or for that matter any Gundam series --
is generally fine by the population, but not the tone. No matter how
friendly the ribbing might be, calling people Dorks and all that can be
misintepreted and replied to as a flame war.

        Please consider the others on this list, including the not-so-vocal
lurkers. Not all of them are on T1 lines -- I for one is on dialup, so
having so many mail about "Dorks" and "Get of (sic) the list" is not

        Go ahead and discuss Wing, X or any Gundam show -- that's what the
list is for. But keep the tone correct.

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