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I'm looking forward to that, indeed.
However, thus far the coolest news out of Toy Fair is ReSaurus' line of MechWarrior figures. (Yes, MechWarrior, not BattleTech). 6" tall and with some REALLY nice detail. Of course ... a 6" battlemech is a whole lot more solid looking than a 6" gundam model, by sheer virtue of mass.
The first line is slated to include the MadCat, Vulture, and Atlas, and available in two seperate clan color schemes. has pictures (although the server has been really slow all day and I'm having trouble getting in, otherwise I'd paste a direct link ... just check the ToyFair coverage). The MadCat, as always, looks nice, but the Vulture looks particularly good, with one of the paintjobs being a Jade Falcon style, as the clan insignia is quite noticable.
Mmmm .... more giant robots to stock my shelves with!

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Toy Fair lasts all week, so it may be a bit early for any Gundam or other Bandai info. Bandai is supposed to show their new Heavy Gear line as well.

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