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>That's exactly why I chose Anglocentrism -- there's a big difference between
>thinking that your way is better than everyone else's and thinking that ways
>other than your own are inherently wrong.

I think we'll stick with your term for now - it seems more accurate. ^_^

>> I don't see why subtitles can't be entertaining. I mean, if you get more
>> meaning out of them, you'd enjoy the show more, no?
>> But yes, I see your point - for the majority of the people, they consider it
>> a nuisance. I've seen and heard people talk about why they prefer dubs to
>> subs a couple of times, so I know most of the reasons.
>There's a psychological quality known as "comfort level" that turns anything
>that is unfamiliar into a metal blockage of sorts. A major part of my military
>training was simple familiarization, to make even the most physically
>uncomfortable and disagreeable tasks psychologically comfortable by turning
>into by-the-numbers routines. When you are unfamiliar with something, it
>becomes a threat no matter how harmless; when you are familiar with something,
>it becomes less of the threat no matter how dangerous it may be. I remember
>having to crawl through barbed wire while flash bombs went off all around
me, so
>that the situation became familiar enough that I could deal with it and
>concentrate on the actions necessary to get through it.

Yes, I'm familiar with the term. It makes a great deal of sense when applied
to subs and dubs...thanks for the point, it's something to remember.

>Most Americans are so used to having everything in English that they are
>uncomfortable with anything that's not. The thinking is that they shouldn't
>HAVE to "work" at their entertainment. Ironically, a number of these same
>people disparage American TV because it doesn't "engage" them intellectually
>without even being aware of the contradiction.

And what a contradiction it is. ^_^ I still think the situation could be
improved if more subs were shown, but of course, because there is no
financial incentive, that won't happen.

>> BTW, it's there another GE movie called Perfect/Eternal Blue or something
>> like that?
>Eternal Fantasy. It came out a couple of years ago on the 20th anniversary of
>the original. I've got the soundtrack CD (Toshiba/EMI TOCT-10204) but haven't
>gotten a copy of the actual anime yet. The CD is only 45 minutes, which was
>disappointing, but at least it's a nice picture disc and comes with an
>foldout lyric sheet with lots of info on the characters.

Ah, I see. Is it a continuation, side story or what?

>It's actually the third major GE 999 movie. The second was Adieu Galaxy
>999 (Sayonara Ginga Tetsudo 999), which came out around the 10th anniversary as
>I recall.
>I still like the original 1979 movie OST best.

Hmmm, in that case I must search for it as well. ^_^

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