Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Mon, 12 Feb 01 08:12:46 -0500

>A rather strange thing is happening with the LG models. The recent
>of LG kits (1996? 1997?) is _finally_ drying up, so if you are looking for
>kits, you will need some hard looking and some luck. But the interesting
>is that what few are left out on the field are "old" stocks, that means
>they are
>turning into an eyesore for shop managers. So if you do find them, they are
>probably on a deep discount, Nightingale recently reported that a number
>of LG
>and MSV kits were found in the bargain bins (in HK) for less than US$2 each.
>And Tet reported that a bunch of LG kits had shown up in New Zealand, also
>very reasonable prices, but both also reported that specific kits are very
>hard to
>find. Boys and girls, grab the LG kits of your favorite fringe mechs NOW.
>these bargain bins are emptied, you will have to wait another few years for
>another reprinting. But...

Well, happened to me too, I found an old LG kit in a store in America
selling for about 15 dollars, but it was on a major sale, and was going
for only 8...

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