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Jose Bustamante wrote:
>Thank you Dr. Core. Do you have any hints on where I might buy the LG model?
>I can usually find another LM on ebay.

A rather strange thing is happening with the LG models. The recent re-printing
of LG kits (1996? 1997?) is _finally_ drying up, so if you are looking for
kits, you will need some hard looking and some luck. But the interesting thing
is that what few are left out on the field are "old" stocks, that means
they are
turning into an eyesore for shop managers. So if you do find them, they are
probably on a deep discount, Nightingale recently reported that a number of LG
and MSV kits were found in the bargain bins (in HK) for less than US$2 each.
And Tet reported that a bunch of LG kits had shown up in New Zealand, also for
very reasonable prices, but both also reported that specific kits are very
hard to
find. Boys and girls, grab the LG kits of your favorite fringe mechs NOW. When
these bargain bins are emptied, you will have to wait another few years for
another reprinting. But...

This is an interesting time: WHAT IS BANDAI PLANNING FOR THE US
LANUCH OF FIRST GUNDAM? Have they learned a lesson from the Wing
models? Do they even consider that fiasco a lesson? Do they even have ANY
kind of strategy for the US market? They may:

1. Use the existing MSIA as the center piece of the mechandising campaign,
toss in the existing HGUC kits (with those gapping holes) and MG for the older
or richer kids. They should re-package the 08MST Zaku as HGUC Zaku, but
Gundam, Dom, Gelgoog will remain missing from the "HG" line. Like the HG
Wing kits, the MG kit manual will NOT feature color pics and translated essays
on the mechs. This is the most likely scenario.

2. Same with MSIA, but the model fans will be treated better, ALL the pertinent
0079 kits (that means HGUC, MG _and_ LG, HG, FG, PG) will be released
domesticly. This mean you will see a reprinting of LG kits coming out in say
6-9 months. This is less likely, since the LG and FG kits will confuse a
lot of
consumers and the PG kits are probably too risky to release domesticly. I
think this is a low probability scenario.

3. Same with MSIA, but Bandia Japan will actually adjust the kits development
schedule to speed up the release of "complete" lines of HGUC and MG models.
The MG line may already be considered "complete", but perhaps they will add
Gyan, Guncannon, even Zugock and Guntank. The HGUC line needs Gundam,
Dom, Gelgoog and perhaps a Zaku (Char's). The rumors are already flying
about a HGUC (or re-HG) of Gundam. I think this is actually plausible, the
Americans are not yet ready to stomach the LG kits but if Bandai invests a bit
on some new kits, they may just be able to open the US market up for some
serious model flooding, remember there are still 400+ old kits that are
haven't seen the US release. If the Americans start buying some plastics, then
Z, ZZ, CCA, 0080, 0083, G and X will come right on 0079's heel and it will
be a
bloom time for all. (of course 08MST is already in the plans. The only
hitch is
that we are already so close to the broadcast and already a large number of
0079 HGUC's and MG's are announced. I think the earliest release for a
_hypothetical_ HGUC/re-HG Gundam is May or June, much too late for a US
release before September. But I still like this prospects, a few signs tells
me that Bandai has some veneration for First Gundam and will treat the US
release more carefully than they did with Wing.

4. What about the SD models and collector cards?

PS: I would cheer for bad dubbing if it translates into a HGUC Gundam :-)

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
Newtype Asylum

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