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> >I don't think it's xenophobia so much as it is Anglocentrism -- Americans
> Well, that is a form of xenophobia...or rather, I believe that there is a
> small amount of xenophobia present. "I just don't want to hear it in
> Japanese" or a similar statement.
> Or maybe I'm choosing the wrong term - I don't want to make it sound like
> Americans are all bigots or something. ^_^

That's exactly why I chose Anglocentrism -- there's a big difference between
thinking that your way is better than everyone else's and thinking that ways
other than your own are inherently wrong.

> I don't see why subtitles can't be entertaining. I mean, if you get more
> meaning out of them, you'd enjoy the show more, no?
> But yes, I see your point - for the majority of the people, they consider it
> a nuisance. I've seen and heard people talk about why they prefer dubs to
> subs a couple of times, so I know most of the reasons.

There's a psychological quality known as "comfort level" that turns anything
that is unfamiliar into a metal blockage of sorts. A major part of my military
training was simple familiarization, to make even the most physically
uncomfortable and disagreeable tasks psychologically comfortable by turning them
into by-the-numbers routines. When you are unfamiliar with something, it
becomes a threat no matter how harmless; when you are familiar with something,
it becomes less of the threat no matter how dangerous it may be. I remember
having to crawl through barbed wire while flash bombs went off all around me, so
that the situation became familiar enough that I could deal with it and
concentrate on the actions necessary to get through it.

Most Americans are so used to having everything in English that they are
uncomfortable with anything that's not. The thinking is that they shouldn't
HAVE to "work" at their entertainment. Ironically, a number of these same
people disparage American TV because it doesn't "engage" them intellectually
without even being aware of the contradiction.

> BTW, it's there another GE movie called Perfect/Eternal Blue or something
> like that?

Eternal Fantasy. It came out a couple of years ago on the 20th anniversary of
the original. I've got the soundtrack CD (Toshiba/EMI TOCT-10204) but haven't
gotten a copy of the actual anime yet. The CD is only 45 minutes, which was
disappointing, but at least it's a nice picture disc and comes with an elaborate
foldout lyric sheet with lots of info on the characters.

It's actually the third major GE 999 movie. The second was Adieu Galaxy Express
999 (Sayonara Ginga Tetsudo 999), which came out around the 10th anniversary as
I recall.

I still like the original 1979 movie OST best.


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