Michael Handley (mhandley@citrus.infi.net)
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:40:33 -0800

I talked to para, and he said you would be a good admin. So here is the info
the rcon pw is "llamatime" and you have to type rcon_port 27016 in the
console to use rcon.

Michael Handley
aka [-BeL-]bigfoot-TPF-

Joaquin Torres wrote:

> Hello,
> I am responding to your post in the PlanetFortress forums regarding help
> with administration on the BeL Short Bus server.
> By the way, this is (AMP) Cthulhu -TPF-. I've played quite a bit with
> 'paranoid android' and I seem to remember playing a bit with
> CyberStealth on the old Rymatics server. I'd like to think of myself as
> a strict, but fair, admin.
> If you think I could be of help, let me know.
> Joaquin Torres
> aka (AMP) Cthulhu -TPF-

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