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>> BTW, it's there another GE movie called Perfect/Eternal Blue >or
>> like that?
>Perfect Blue played at Bloor Cinema in Toronto last year >sometime. But it
>definitely wasn't a GE movie. Can't remember much about it >except that I
>wasn't too interested in seeing it. =) (I missed X when it >played in
>Toronto, too! I can't believe I let it go by!)
>- dom

You missed a lot man, it was a hell of a good movie, a very well done
anime/slasher flick that is better than any of the stuff that Americans have
put out in that genre. The surprise ending really caught me of guard the
thing played with my head a bit. (IMHO if they ever "Americanize" it, I'd
have M. Knight Shaylaman do it).

>'afros are number one!' (nabeshin, excel saga)
>'our only responsibility is to take over the world!' (martina, >slayers

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