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>> >Dubbing is a necessary evil -- we'll always have to have it, for reasons
>> >in any number of posts, so it's necessary, but it will always alter to the
>> >character of the production, so it's evil. As has been noted elsewhere,
>> Actually, I don't believe it's a necessary evil at all. It's just that
>> people are far too lazy and in some cases, xenophobic (yes, it's true - I
>> firmly believe there is some small, but present, element of xenophobia in
>> dubbing) to want to read subs. If only people could get to watch more subs,
>> I think the situation would turn around.
>I don't thinks it's xenophobia so much as it is Anglocentrism -- Americans

Well, that is a form of xenophobia...or rather, I believe that there is a
small amount of xenophobia present. "I just don't want to hear it in
Japanese" or a similar statement.

Or maybe I'm choosing the wrong term - I don't want to make it sound like
Americans are all bigots or something. ^_^

>expect their entertainment to be in American. And, while American literacy has
>been declining to the point where reading is indeed hard work for far too many,
>I don't think it's the difficulty of trying to read the subtitles while
>the show so much as a belief that entertainment should be, well, entertaining.
>Subtitles are simply considered more trouble than they're worth for anything
>less than a must-see blockbuster.

I don't see why subtitles can't be entertaining. I mean, if you get more
meaning out of them, you'd enjoy the show more, no?

But yes, I see your point - for the majority of the people, they consider it
a nuisance. I've seen and heard people talk about why they prefer dubs to
subs a couple of times, so I know most of the reasons.

>Even then, an American remake like Point Of No Return is more likely to sell
>than a subtitled original like La Femme Nikita.

Sadly, yes. ^_^

>Sadly, no. It was released on cassette over 15 years ago -- about the same
>as Robotech, in fact -- and, while popular at the time, apparently not popular
>enough to warrant reissue on CD.

It's the same problem finding the Flight of Dragons cassette...

>> This isn't always as bad as it seems...what you must consider, in the case
>> of most dubs, that's it's NOT a translation. Yes, you heard me. It's not.
>> What it is a totally different take on a character - something like a
>> fanfic, if you will. For example, some characters in the American release of
>> Momonoke Hime aren't like their Japanese counterparts at all (Ashitaka comes
>> to mind) In this case, I consider Ashitaka a different character entirely.
>> I'll still prefer the Japanese version, of course (I'm biased ^_^) but it's
>> something to think about.
>Those changes were deliberate and calculated. Neil Gaiman was commissioned to

But they were changes nonetheless. The point I am making is that sometimes,
the change is so total as to result in another character being created. I'm
not passing any value judgments on whether than character is worse or
better. ^_^

>rewrite it for an American audience and Billy Crudup took his cue from Gaiman's
>screenplay, not Yohji Matsuda's delivery. It's more of an adaptation than a

Precisely the point I am trying to make.

>translation. Given that, it's surprisingly faithful to the original,
>compared to Warriors Of The Wind, the 1984 American adaptation of Miyazaki's
>Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa.

Please, let's not discuss that travesty. ^_^

>(Yohji Matsuda's in Nausicaa, too -- as Asbel. Type casting?)

Perhaps. It's not uncommon with seiyuu - Koyasu Takehito keeps on getting
cast as pretty boys, Megumi Hayashibara as hyperactive young females, and
Yamaguchi Kappei has done both Ranma AND Inuyasha, virtually identical roles.

>Corman, like a lot of American filmmakers, was a devotee of anime, as well as
>European comics like Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal over here), although his main
>influence was Kurosawa. GE999 must've really knocked him out and he decided to
>show it to the rest of the world the only way he knew how.

Well, points for him, then. I must confess that I haven't seen GE999 myself,
though I have read the manga and was very impressed.

BTW, it's there another GE movie called Perfect/Eternal Blue or something
like that?

>One of the reasons I started buying DVDs in the first place was that I
could get
>more episodes for less money that way. That goes double when you consider that
>you'd have to buy two sets of VHS tapes, one dubbed and one subbed, to get the
>benefits of one set of DVDs.

That's true for you, but not where I come from...if I want to settle for no
subs and lower video quality, I can buy a VCD set.

>Unless, of course, they start dumping dubbed-only DVDs on us...!?!

Heaven forbid!

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