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> Unless, of course, they start dumping dubbed-only DVDs on us...!?!

No other company has or is doing this so far, just the First Gundam release.
Anime Village/Bandai Entertainment said in their open letter that they
wanted to include subtitles as well, buy Sunrise said no and Sunrise is
their Boss. Everyone should be upset at Sunrise, not Bandai Ent. If Sunrise
wants to get Gundam to sale well in the us, they need to learn that they
cannot pull crap like this.

Besides, companies seem to hate Importers, look at the whole regional code
thing on DVD Players and Console's. People have to resort to "illegal"
methods to play them. I was going to get the G-Saviour DVD from Japan, since
it will have English subtitles, but when I rented the Matrix DVD(from
Blockbuster), for some odd reason, it was in the Australian region code! and
my PC DVD Player(it's hardware, with software for the controls) said if I
run any region besides the US, 5 more time, it will be locked!!

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