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Two hours after I wrote this, the entire shipment arrived, excepting one of the
pre-orders (Sol Bianca Legacy 3). Would it really have broken them to e-mail me
a status update sometime during the last month or a notification when the items
were shipped?

This, combined with finding four out of five "in stock" items not, inf fact, in
stock has really put me off on these guys. But, to be fair, everyone has an off
day, so I'll probably order from them again if they have what I want when no one
else does. I'll just think twice or maybe three times before doing so ... and
double check to make sure that they are, in fact, the only ones who have it.

The problem is that I just don't trust them any more and it's going to take
several good experiences before I forget the one bad one.

There's a lesson in here somewhere, I think....


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> > > Does anyone know where I can buy the Gundam 0080 VCD set(other than ebay)?
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> > www.animenation.com
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> > -dave, webmaster
> > http://www.gundam-junkyard.net
> Don't count on it -- AnimeNation has a bad habit of listing items it doesn't
> actually have.
> On 2 January, I ordered the following from them:
> Escaflowne Movie OST VICL-60590
> Escaflowne Movie Single 'Yubiwa' VIDL-30497
> Dirty Pair Flash: Angels in Trouble DVD DDF/001
> Gundam Wing: The Movie 'Endless Waltz' DVD - Preorder Now! 10427
> Sol Bianca The Legacy 1 DVD 'Lost Treasures' PIDA-2361V
> Sol Bianca The Legacy 2 DVD 'Separation' PIDA-2362V
> Sol Bianca The Legacy 3 DVD 'Going Home' - Preorder Now! 10340
> A week later, I received Sol Bianca The Legacy 2 and nothing else. The other
> items, all listed as being IN STOCK at the time that I ordered them, went Back
> Order. I've heard nothing from them since and, in fact, had just sent them a
> nastygram about it a minute or so before this message turned up in my inbox.
> I expect I'll be canceling my order and looking for these items
> somewhere else.
> I've seen this behavior with vendors before, most notably with an
> outfit called
> Anime Frontier, who listed everything they'd ever heard about in
> their catalog,
> but could only deliver on a tiny fraction of it. They're gone now
> and I expect
> AnimeNation won't last much longer.
> I certainly can't recommend them to anyone and don't plan to order from them
> again. I'm going to try and get what I ordered from them, but if they give me
> the slightest bit of hassle over it I'll cancel and take my business
> elsewhere.
> -Z-
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